Wednesday, February 2, 2011

we went and had our family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. went to the clark county museum. kendall rose did such a good job, i got a lot of really cute pictures of her. i had such a hard time picking out outfits for us, thanks for hanah she helping.

Monday, January 24, 2011

me, britany and her daughter brinley
my mom and aunt becky
me and britany
me and my dad

happy 2011

hanah had an 80'S party it was so fun. everyone dressed the part. my dad look like joe dirt. we played games ate and took lot's of pictures. i love being with my family.
kendall is such a joy. she is happy all the time, she wakes up happy and talking.

me and all my sisters except laura :(
me and kara rosie. hanah bought all us girl matching shirts for christmas.
my mom made all us girls aprons a thanksgiving one and christmas one.
my little family. best christmas ever
mama and kendall rose at dairy frezze
papa made remmi and brin these rocking chairs they are so cute kendall gets one next year i cant wait.
sleeping with papa. my dad loves to take the babies in the morning and cuddle with them.

opening up her christmas pj's
we made a ginger bread house.
my little christmas present
daddy got her her first barbie doll.
daddy got her her first christmas ornament.
kendall rose is so much fun i just love her so much
getting ready to open up her presents
love love love my madi girl this little girl is so special to me
my madi girl giving kendall kissses
mommy and kendall rose getting ready to go to church.
eating a pretzel for the first time. this fat girl loves food
she loves her daddy.

greg and i are on weight watchers and have an ice cream every night, kendall thinks she has to have one also. she will look at you and cough (thats how she gets your attention) until you give her a bite.
she got pink eye it was so sad.
kendall rose took a bite out of an apple. she has 2 teeth on the bottom.
aunt becky and i
my mom and i at the las vegas temple for my cousins wedding